Cashback Rewards? Yes, Please!

BusinessCreditCardHaving a business credit card with Citizens National Bank is a smart move. We offer competitive interest rates on our cards, will consolidate your billing with separate individual statements so you can still track what each of your employees is doing while only having to pay one invoice, and we offer a rewards program, UChooseRewards. While the catalog of merchandise, travel and gift card options is extensive, we realize many simply prefer to earn cashback so we’ve now added it as another option. Our cards earn a base amount of 1 point for every $1 spent – but through the website, there are many opportunities to earn 3, 4 or even up to 12 points per $1 spent depending on the vendor. These points can quickly add up when using the cards for business purposes. In order to take advantage of the cashback option you must have consolidated billing set up and choose “Cashback” as the option when redeeming your points. The cash amount will be automatically credited to your credit account on your statement. It’s that simple.

For more information about our credit card program, or to learn more about consolidated billing, contact Treasury Management. Or visit our website to complete an online application.

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