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business-woman-phoneKeeping Your Business Running When You’re On the Move

Raddon Financial Group, a bank research firm, completed a national study of business customers regarding their use and expectations of mobile banking. According to their recent research, 58% of small businesses are currently using mobile banking and the likelihood to use it increases as the size of the small business increases. Commercial clients, especially younger ones, are looking for the convenience and 24/7 accessibility provided by mobile banking. But don’t think business mobile banking is just a replica of its retail counterpart. A true business mobile banking app should provide comprehensive banking capabilities, including alerts, payment functionality and transaction approvals, such as ACH, wires and positive pay, on the go.

Citizens National Bank has recently upgraded its Business Mobile app to include the ability to make bill payments through your phone. In addition to the ability to view all linked accounts, make internal transfers, receive mobile or email alerts and complete approvals, bill payment gives you the convenience of making payments to any of your established vendors who are already set up in Online for Business. According to Raddon, only a third of small businesses use mobile apps designed specifically for business banking – making it difficult to complete all of their business transactions when traveling. When considering mobile be sure to choose a bank, such as Citizens National Bank, that offers a truly mobile business app. Be sure to update your app often as well to take advantage of new features that are continually being added. Look for the ability to initiate ACH and Wire Transfers from your phone soon! Business mobile is a free app available in the App Store or on Google Play. Simply search for cnbohio to find it. Use your same Online for Business credentials and token to access the app. You and your employees will have the same permissions you do in Online for Business. If you’re interested in depositing checks from your phone, simply contact the bank to have that turned on.

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