Riding In Cars With Teens

teen-driverFrom Jean Chatzky, TODAY show contributor

So your kid’s all grown up — or at least “grown up” enough so that you’re considering adding another car to the family fleet. Choosing the right vehicle can help keep them safer and save auto insurance money over time. A few tips? Avoid high-horsepower cars in favor of larger, heavier vehicles with good crash safety records, and make sure the car has electronic stability control (ESC) to reduce the risk of rollover.

When it comes to car insurance, covering teens can be expensive. But there are a few things you can do to help reduce the costs, starting with explaining the risk infractions and accidents can have on both your teen’s health and the price of coverage. Shop around, and remember it’ll probably save you money to insure your teen on your own policy rather than buying a separate one. A B grade point average will usually earn you a discount (you may have to send in the report card) as will enrolling your teen in a recognized driver’s training course.

– See more at: www.cnbohio.com/AboutUs/CNBNews/family-financial-news


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