Prepaid Reloadable Cards

Convenient Money Management & Safe Online Shopping

Pre-Paid Reloadable CardsIf you like the convenience of shopping with a card rather than cash, but want to limit how much you make available to spend or are concerned about using your regular debit or credit card online, a prepaid reloadable card might be just what you are looking for.

Now available at any Citizens National Bank office, the Visa® branded cards work like a gift card in that you determine how much you want loaded onto them. They can be used anyplace Visa® is accepted, including for online purchases, and you can even access cash from an ATM if needed by establishing a PIN. “The big difference between these cards and a gift card is that you can reload them and even have your paycheck direct deposited to them,” explains Janet Dukes, Chief of Operations, Citizens National Bank. Research shows many people are using cards such as these as a budgeting tool to limit spending for themselves or their children. Transactions can easily be tracked online through the website and the card is easily replaced if lost/stolen.

“Maintaining a separate card for emergency funds or to shop online is a good practice,” comments Dukes. “The funds are there when you need them and it eliminates opening your checking account or credit card account up to online fraud.” Additionally, there are some people who do not qualify to open a traditional checking account. Citizens National Bank’s Visa® Prepaid Reloadable Card does not require a credit check, has no minimum balance requirement and can accept direct deposit from an employer. “If someone has direct deposit set up on a reloadable card, the monthly fee is waived for the card, the employee has instant access to his/her pay through an ATM, and the card can be used at any store just like a debit card,” explains Dukes. In addition to direct deposit, cards may be loaded online through the website or at any Western Union location.

Stop by any Citizens National Bank location and speak with a Customer Service Representative to purchase a prepaid reloadable gift card. Once loaded you can use them immediately. To learn more, visit

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