Making Your Message Stick

Ellen Dunnigan CEO Accent on Business Indianapolis Indiana

Ellen Dunnigan, CEO Accent on Business

Do you ever wonder if what you are saying to your customers or employees is getting through? If you really want to make your message stick with your audience, you need to be aware of the way you are presenting your message and consider altering it to fit the age, gender or communication style of the person you are addressing. Communications specialist Ellen Dunnigan outlines some of the key factors in grabbing your audience’s attention and getting them to remember what you said.

  1. Think about your purpose and why you are communicating that message. What do you want the result to be?
  2. Know your customers/audience. What communication style may be most effective for that age group or personality style? What questions might they have about your information?
  3. Use eye contact, tone of voice, appropriate gestures and body language to more effectively communicate so they will remember your message even if they do not remember your name.

As an employer it is important to think about the generation you are communicating with and what will make the most sense to them. We need to constantly update our technology to grab the attention of younger employees. For older employees, it is important to establish a more personal relationship, incorporating good non-verbal communication.

She notes it is important to be engaged with your employees because when your employees are engaged with your company, they will be more engaged with your customers.

To view Ellen’s video, visit our video page. Accent on Business is a Public Speaking & Communication Skills Firm based out of Indianapolis, IN. They work with companies nationwide on improving presentation and communication skills. Visit Ellen’s website to learn more.


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