Pay Your Share of Pizza Night with Popmoney!

It's easy to Pop Money!

Person-to-Person Payments Make It Easy!

Popmoney is a tool which allows people to easily pay other people anywhere, any time. By simply using the email address, mobile number, or bank account number of the recipient, Popmoney users can make personal payments. For example, users can pay rent to a landlord, add funds to a college student’s checking account, or even repay a friend for your portion of the pizza! All that’s required is that you are enrolled in CNB Online Banking and Bill Payment — both free services.

Advantages of Using Popmoney

Popmoney offers many benefits to its users! First, Popmoney allows users to set up as many payees as they’d like, schedule payments up to a year in advance, and even manage recurring payments safely and securely from your account. Another fun feature is the ability to customize the payments or requests with special e-messages, transforming the transaction into a greeting card. Then, after transferring the money, users have the ability to monitor their transaction history. Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of Popmoney is its ability to save time. Checks can take days to arrive… and even longer for the recipients to find time to cash the check! On the other hand, by transferring funds with Popmoney, the whole process can take as little as 1 business day! …and with no postal delays or extra trips to deposit the check! So quit writing checks and pop money to your friends and family instead!

It’s Easy to Send Money

  1. Log into Online Banking and click on the CNB Bill Payment tab. Then, click the Popmoney tab from within the Payment Center.
  2. Enter the recipient’s name and either their email address, mobile number or bank account number.
  3. Enter the dollar amount ($5 minimum) and, if you’d like, write a personal message and select an e-greeting card design to make it extra special.
  4. Send the Payment.
  5. Your recipient is notified that you are sending money, and will receive simple instructions on how to claim the funds with Popmoney. Once completed, the funds are transferred from your account of choice into the recipient’s checking or savings account.

Sounds great, but what does it cost to pop money?

A Popmoney account is absolutely FREE, and the only cost to you is a delivery fee which is $0.50 per transaction.



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