Providing the Means to Aid Missionaries – CNB and Believers Christian Fellowship

Steve Hullinger, CFO of Believers Christian Fellowship Cheryl Verhoff, VP, Business Banking Michael Dulle, Elida Branch Manager

Steve Hullinger, CFO of Believers Christian Fellowship, Cheryl Verhoff, VP, Business Banking; Michael Dulle, Elida Branch Manager

As a community bank, Citizens National Bank focuses on local businesses. What may be surprising is just how far those local businesses reach. Believers Christian Fellowship (BCF) began a relationship with CNB in 1991. At that time they had purchased some property for a new campus off Stewart Road in Lima, Ohio. As part of that expansion, they also increased their focus on the importance of world-wide missions through the support of missionaries in countries including Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, Russia, Malawi and several European countries. According to the church’s CFO Steve Hullinger the church supports between 40-50 missionaries quarterly and that financial support has established hundreds of churches. “It’s vital that these missionaries receive the funds we send in a timely manner and Cheryl Verhoff, our banker, was able to help us get Online for Business set up so we could easily send wire transfers to them.” Suzanne Brooks of BCF explains, “We used to use Western Union to send money overseas. I would take cash to their office. It would take half a day to complete all the transactions. Now with Online for Business, I can send all the wire transfers within 15 minutes and never have to leave my desk.”

The church’s impressive technology and talented staff has allowed them to stream their services over the internet touching thousands in multiple countries. Their independently produced TV show, “Global Answers”, has been picked up by stations in New Zealand, Iceland, Russia and the Middle East. The church’s mission fund was up 26% last year from the year before. “We see tithes and offerings come in from all over the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, etc… and we’re able to accept that generosity, deposit it into our local accounts and send it back out again to aid those in the missions field,” explains Hullinger. In addition to Cheryl, Hullinger has established a great relationship with CNB’s Elida Branch Manager Michael Dulle and his branch staff, even holding his personal accounts there. “I recommend every person work with Citizens National Bank,” states Hullinger, “they’re always so friendly when you go in and the service they’ve provided my church and my family is exceptional.”

To learn more about Believers Christian Fellowship and their commitment to world missions, visit


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