Creating Positive Change in Your Organization – Eric Kurjan, President Six Disciplines

Eric Kurjan, President Six Disciplines

Eric Kurjan, President Six Disciplines

As the president of Six Disciplines, an organizational performance company, Eric Kurjan sees the challenges companies face every day in creating positive change. Having worked across the country with many different types of businesses, there are common themes he sees with any organization that’s interested in company-wide improvements. According to Kurjan “Organizations that lack a strong culture of accountability find themselves constantly fighting fires, missing deadlines and ultimately, missing key goals. Employee performance depends on the connection to the organization’s goals. Learning how to create and sustain this type of culture is critical for your success. For sustained high performance, leaders must create a culture where goals are set, responsibility assigned and employees understand their roles and duties. Leaders must model this culture.”

Kurjan feels it’s vital for organizations to set short and long-term goals. The long-term goals become the vision of where the organization needs to be and helps determine the objectives. The short-term goals become steps in how to get there. “Implementing new strategies requires buy-in from senior management on down. You need to determine what it is you need to do together as an organization to achieve those goals.” Part of achieving that change requires setting targets, tracking to determine their effectiveness and measuring the success of those goals in order to be sure you remain on track. “To truly achieve innovation,” states Kurjan, “you must have a change in culture.” He suggests gaining collaboration and buy-in by asking all employees what they think and for their participation in aiding in the implementation process. This inclusion encourages connection to the organization and drives employee satisfaction higher, resulting in better performance and retention in your organization.

“You need to get everyone on the same page. Set expectations and be clear what your vision and mission are for the company moving forward,” encourages Kurjan. There are four stages he sees companies working through in order to develop their plan for change.

  1. Admit there’s a need to change — This must come from the leadership team. They must acknowledge there’s a problem and have the resolve to address it.
  2. Perform SWOT analysis with the leadership team — By identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your organization, you can begin to set priorities for where change must occur first.
  3. Create an action plan — Identify the vision for where you want your company to be and establish steps to get there.
  4. Define responsibilities and deadline dates for each of the action items.

For more information about Six Disciplines and the processes they utilize to aid organizational change, visit


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