NEW Products for Business Customers

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Elite Checking and Small Business Online for Business Package Now Available

Citizens National Bank is excited to announce new offerings for our business customers; Elite Checking, a personal checking account with special perks for business owners and a Small Business Package of Online for Business.

Elite Checking is our most comprehensive personal checking account, offering our highest level of benefits. It takes into account the total relationship, both business and personal balances, and offers benefits including unlimited ATM withdrawal surcharge rebates, a Platinum Visa credit card*, and an introductory rate on all balances of 0.35% APY**. According to Amy Yochum, VP Treasury Management, “We truly appreciate the trust our business owners put in our bank in regards to their business finances and we wanted to create an account that provided real value that they would expand that relationship to include their personal accounts. I’m confident Elite Checking does that.” Those interested in learning more about Elite Checking should contact their local CNB office.

Additionally, CNB has created a new Online for Business Package. Previously, the bank offered three options for business online banking:

  1. Basic – Customers can see both personal and business accounts with one login, transfer money between accounts and pay bills online.
  2. Basic Plus – Offers the additional capability of initiating wire transfers.
  3. Deluxe – offers full ACH capability, including electronic vendor payments and returns.

A fourth package option, Small Business, has been created to cater to those businesses who specifically want to offer direct deposit to their employees and complete their tax payments online. “We discovered a need for businesses who wanted to offer the convenience of direct deposit and eliminate the cost of cutting checks but didn’t need all the bells and whistles that come with our Deluxe product. This Small Business package fills that need,” explains Yochum. The Small Business Package is now available by contacting your Business Banking Officer.


*Subject to credit approval. **Annual percentage yield (APY) accurate as of 1/3/14. The above stated APY is guaranteed on all balances for the first 6 months after the account is opened. Minimum opening balance is $50. After 6 months the applicable standard tiered variable rates for the Elite Checking Account will apply. Balances of $100,000 and above currently earn 0.07% APY; balances ranging between $25,000-$99,999.99 currently earn 0.05% APY; balances ranging between $7,500-$24,999.99 currently earn 0.03% APY; balances ranging between $2,500-$7,499.99 currently earn 0.01% APY; balances below $2,500 do not earn interest. Fees could reduce earnings.


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