Work Doesn’t Have to be Done at Work!

CNB’s Online Products Let You Work from Wherever You Happen to Be

According to a study by BizLaunch, a small business advisor, 93 percent of small businesses surveyed work remotely or employ others who work remotely on a regular basis. Additionally, 56 percent of those surveyed believe working remotely increases productivity and 88 percent think working from home increases quality of life. For Citizens National Bank to be a responsible financial partner we need to enable business owners to complete their financial transactions wherever they happen to be. Andy Knippen, CNB’s VP Network Administrator, outlines the options we offer for working remotely and how he himself uses those products to conduct business outside of his office walls in a video titled “Work Remotely with CNB’s Technology“.

Our Online for Business product can be accessed securely from any computer, tablet or smartphone and allows customers to view their accounts, transfer between CNB accounts and even pay bills. By utilizing Merchant Capture, business customers may deposit checks remotely from their place of business without ever having to visit a bank office. A third tool that allows our customers to monitor their accounts is CNB Messenger. Owners can be notified by email of activity on their accounts, ensuring they don’t miss a payment or overdraw their accounts even when they’re away from their business.

Learn more about the benefits of working remotely and the BizLaunch study. To learn more about how CNB can help you do business from anywhere and save you money, check out our ROI calculator.


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