Message from the President

Entrepreneurial Revolution

J. Michael Romey,  President/CEO of Citizens National Bank

J. Michael Romey,
President/CEO of
Citizens National Bank

The idea of achieving economic independence and determining your own future as an entrepreneur is an exciting one. With changes in the economy more people than ever are interested in starting their own business. At Citizens we have recognized this shift and are paying more attention to this development. With today’s technology a single person can now tackle projects and responsibilities it previously took a team to take on – and do it as needed around the world. Small business when equipped with the right technology is able to sell to millions of people by tapping into the global marketplace.

Citizens National Bank offers many of the technologies that make it easy for our customers to advance their business today. We have streamlined our Corporate Credit card process to make it simpler to apply for and be approved and we have included an enhanced fraud system that protects our customers. Demos of our online products such as Merchant Capture and Online for Business are viewable on an iPad or iPhone highlighting the values of efficiency to our clients. Business bill payment is another service that simplifies small business collections and electronic payments to vendors. It is available on demand, through a smartphone or tablet, and we intend to increasingly tailor our products and services based on individual pricing based on what our clients use. Use of all these online services allow our customers to bank from wherever they happen to be – without being tied to the office. This flexibility allows them the freedom to travel and manage their finances on their time – not the bank’s.

We believe that small business will thrive based on technology which increases time and labor efficiency. Those businesses that scale themselves to embrace the new digital environment will create the new jobs of tomorrow.


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