Online Banking Security

CNB takes it seriously!

Banking online is extremely convenient and we want our customers to be confident that it’s also safe. We are continually evaluating our Online for Business and commercial banking products to stay current in the fight against cybercrime, fraud and identity theft. Here are a few of the safeguards we’ve put in place to protect your accounts and monitor for suspicious activity.

  • Information submitted within Online for Business is fully encrypted through our website.
  • Multi-factor authentication helps to verify your identity and makes it harder for cybercriminals to access your account information.
  • CNB utilizes security tokens to further protect your account. These devices generate a unique password which must be entered every time you log in to Online for Business. Higher-risk transactions, such as wire transfers, require an extra one-time password to complete the process.
  • FraudGuard is software that monitors and detects potential check fraud by reviewing all CNB checks processed through our bank, building a history of check stock, signatures and check sequence. If a check is flagged for potential fraud, CNB conducts research on your behalf to verify the transaction. This system enables us to avoid fraud before any money is compromised.
  • Fraud Risk Manager is a system that monitors transactions, account activity, non-financial events and changes to customer profiles for any unusual activity. This system creates alerts based on that activity, notifying the bank that further review of your account is required.

We do our part to ensure your information is secure, but there are actions you can also take to protect your usernames and passwords and maintain a safe online banking environment.

  • Don’t allow employees to share tokens and user IDs to access Online for Business.
  • Never leave log in information or tokens in an area that is not locked or secured.
  • Never leave a computer unattended when using any online banking service.
  • Keep virus, spyware and malware protection up to date.
  • Eliminate unnecessary web surfing and personal activity by employees on business computers.
  • Maintain a current list of contact numbers for vendors and the bank in case you have a concern.
  • Audit your transactions daily. Businesses have 24 hours to report an error without being liable.
  • Be sure all checks are properly and clearly endorsed by the named payee.
  • Keep a list of all employees who have access to Online for Business, as well as the defined responsibilities and list of accounts they have access to.
  • If you have Merchant Capture, destroy processed checks every 45 days.

Questions? Contact Keri Steiner, Online for Business Specialist at or call 419-358-8040, ext. 456.


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