Sharing Your Mission – Bruce Boguski, Motivational Speaker, Author, The Winner’s Edge

Bruce Boguski is a motivational speaker and expert on gaining a competitive edge. As part of his presentation he often shares a story called “The Flight of the Goose” to illustrate the importance of sharing your mission and vision with all your employees. Geese fly in a “V” formation in order to get further ahead. The uplift that the lead goose gets from having the others fly in that formation behind him allows them to travel as a group 71% further than if they had each flown alone. Of course Bruce acknowledges the lead goose gets tired sometimes and in that case the geese from the back rotate to the front. “Do you think the goose from the back knows where they’re going? Of course he does,” states Bruce, “because they all share the same mission and know what the common goal is.”

Just like the geese, it’s important as an organization for every employee to know the mission and goal of the company in order for it to continue in the right direction. “The most powerful thing you can do in an organization is to share the mission and vision of where you want your company to be,” exclaims Bruce. By including every employee they take ownership and feel truly responsible for the role they play in your organization. “The power in developing a mission and setting goals for your company is in sharing
those with everybody involved in your organization,” states Bruce.

View the Sharing Your Mission video online at Learn more about Bruce Boguski and his motivational techniques at


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