Introducing ACH Manager

Citizens National Bank continues to improve our online services to make banking with us easier. As part of this commitment we are in the process of upgrading our Online for Business clients to ACH Manager, a more streamlined process for originating and processing ACH files. View a demo at Click on the ACH Origination tab for details regarding ACH Manager.

Benefits of this new system will include:

  • Pre-defined templates for virtually all transfer types including vendor and tax payments. Customized templates will also still be available.
  • The ability to search for the receiving bank’s routing and transit numbers and have them automatically fill in.
  • The ability to save recurring templates, such as payroll files, so they may be accessed by more than one employee from within ACH Manager.
  • The ability to edit transactions that are pending approval and view real-time transfer status updates and extended ACH transaction history.
  • Clients can easily process their own reversals if a file was sent in error. Reversal amounts can even be split among multiple accounts on which the account holder is an owner or signer.

ACH Manager will be accessible directly from the Online for Business landing page under the heading “Quick Launch” or you can access it from the Management Tools Menu.

If you’re currently a Deluxe Online for Business customer, you will be contacted shortly by our Online for Business specialist to walk you through the conversion. If you’re interested in learning more about Online for Business, contact Keri Steiner at 419-358-8060, ext. 456.


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