Online for Business Improvements

We recently added some new features to Online for Business that allow you to complete transactions more efficiently and better monitor your accounts.

Improvements include:

  • Overview Page– This new page provides a snapshot of the accounts you use most without having to go the Account List.
    • Quick Transfers – Make transfers directly from the Overview Page by using an existing template or performing an internal transfer between CNB accounts.
    • Quick Launch for Business Bill Payment – Located at the bottom of the Overview Page, you can click this link and be taken directly to your bill payment site.
  • Management Tools – This new link combines Funds Management and File Management under one menu, depending upon your access.
  • CNB Messenger Alerts – Monitor your account activity through FREE email alerts. Sign up for as many or as few as you like.
  • Activity Manager – This upgrade allows you to view an extended transaction history, dating from December 2011. It also lets you create income and expense categories to help track your spending.

For detailed instructions regarding these features visit Improvements.pdf. To learn more about everything Online for Business has to offer, view the demo at


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