Citizens National Bank Now Offering Popmoney® for Person-to-Person Payments

Person-to-person payments allow you to pay anyone electronically directly to their checking or savings account without the hassle of writing and depositing a check. The industry leading person-to-person payment service, Popmoney, is now available for CNB customers to use through our online banking bill payment service. All you need is an email address, mobile phone number or account number of the recipient.

Previously offered through Zashpay, Popmoney has combined with this company to offer an even larger national payments network – more than 1,400 banks nationwide participate in Popmoney.
New features include:

  • eGreetings – special email messages sent with your payment, such as Happy Birthday
  • The ability to schedule recurring payments
  • The ability to import contacts from popular email services such as Gmail and Yahoo.

“If you want to pay someone back quickly and don’t have cash, you can now just do it through your computer or smartphone. Payments are made usually within one business day and if the person knows the recipient’s account number can be automatically deposited into that account without any action by the recipient. It’s a great option for parents that have children away at school and need money quickly,” comments Cindy Scott, VP Marketing for Citizens National Bank.

To learn more, view the demo at Anyone with online banking and bill payment is able to use this service. Even if the recipient’s bank is not a member of the Popmoney network, he/she may still receive their money by creating an account at


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