Tip #30 – You can’t do it all in one day

Consider your lifestyle and fit these saving tips into it. Don’t try to force a million changes on you and your family in one day. It’s a slow process that changes your behavior over a period of time. Otherwise, you won’t stick with it. Take your current behavior and set small milestones.

Remember to negotiate with your major service providers (cable, cell phone, etc.) at least once per year.

Especially when traveling or making a major purchase, review the deals offered from your credit card or insurance company. Feel free to ask for a complimentary upgrade. They may bump you up to a suite just for asking. Also, consider quality for major purchases and buy the best, but hold it long-term to realize the value and savings.

Anytime you’re purchasing something online do a quick search for coupons from that vendor. You may at the very least save on shipping costs.

Perform regular maintenance on your car and document it. The resale value of your car will be much higher.

Set up an automatic transfer to your savings account. This is the simplest and most effective technique of all. Once it’s set up you don’t have to think about it and you’ll forget you used to have that extra $100 per month (or whatever you think you can afford) to spend.



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