I Love My Community Bank Because…

April is almost here which means Community Bank month. Community banks are about Main Street, not Wall Street—and are the financial foundation of our country. As the cornerstones of their communities, they keep revenue local and have the ability to make decisions based on individual people and not just numbers. Why do you love your community bank? Here are a few reasons why CNB customers love us. We encourage you to let us know why you love Citizens National Bank by commenting on this post.

“They go out of their way to help, are always friendly and always call me by name!”
-Stacy F.

“Citizens National Bank is a great bank. They’re there to help you no matter what the problem is and aim for the highest results. It’s a great place to bank and I’d recommend them to any one.”
-Carey P.

“CNB has helped me with all my banking needs for about 25+ years. They have been there for me. It is still my hometown bank, now and always. Thanks to all of you!
-Robin S.

“Great small town bank with large town advantages. Personal service.”
-Steve S.

“Very personal, helpful, call you by your name and a very friendly bank.”
-Patricia G.

“Citizens National Bank was a choice I made 38 years ago. It was a good one, I’d make the same decision today to choose Citizens to take care of all my home and business banking needs.”
-Jan E.

“Great bank to download Quicken entries; as some banks do not participate with Intuit, to offer this valuable service!”
-Connie K.

“I love that everyone knows me by first name!”
-Eric H.

“Great service.”
-Mike L.

“We have been with our bank ever since we got married. Wouldn’t trust any other bank.”
-Pam B.

“You are by far the best bank in town! I always have great service.”
-Audree L.



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