Tip #25 – Earn more money using your God-given skills

You have two levers to control when it comes to your money. Making more and spending less. Most Americans only think about cutting costs, but if you found a way to earn more you wouldn’t have to as much to cut. You can do this in several ways including: negotiating your salary at work, starting a second job or freelancing.

Freelancing is basically getting paid to do something you have particular expertise in (and often love to do). Consider what that thing is, then look for opportunities on such sites as Craigslist. Say for instance you’re really good at math. Someone is looking for a tutor for their child for $15/hour. Opportunity for you. Also, let your friends know you’re interested in doing X,Y,Z. They may know of someone that needs your services. When considering your rate, look at the market and what the going rate is on various sites or sit down and figure out how much it’s worth to you to spend an hour with an eighth grader.



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