Tip #11 – Never pay full retail price for clothes again

How much do you spend per year on clothes? If you’re a mom on a strict budget, odds are you’re already being frugal in this area, but many people buy what they want, when they want it. Consider TJ Maxx or Marshall’s. They offer name-brand clothing at discounted prices year-round. Also, online sites, such as Overstock.com and eBay provide savings up to 75% off retail and returns are pretty hassle free if you’re worried about size issues. Additionally, if there’s some big-ticket item, such as an expensive coat, you really want. Set up a sub-savings account with an automatic transfer monthly to it in order to save that amount of money. It gives you more time to consider if you really want that coat, and it also ensures you’re paying for it in full without the guilt of putting it on a credit card.



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