Tip #8 – Implement the A La Carte Method

People spend an enormous amount on subscriptions without ever realizing it. Not only are the payments automatically sent, but it takes active effort — and acknowledging that you’ve been paying for something you don’t need — to cancel a subscription…which means it’s easier to do nothing than to cancel the subscription. This method forces you to be conscious of your spending.

Here’s how you can use the A La Carte Method for yourself. Cancel all the discretionary subscriptions you can: your magazines, annual Rhapsody plan, cable — even your gym.

Next, buy what you need a la carte:

  • Instead of paying for a ton of channels you never watch on cable, buy only the episodes you watch for $1.99 each off iTunes, or at the very least review the channels you actually watch and switch to a less expensive plan.
  • Buy a day pass for the gym each time you go (around $5-$10) and then determine if you actually use it often enough to make an annual membership worthwhile.
  • Buy songs as you want them for $0.99 each from Amazon or iTunes.


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