Tip #3 – Sell something on eBay today

Today’s tip is designed to be a gradual step to earning more. It’s specifically intended for two purposes: To symbolize to yourself that you can sacrifice by selling something, and to symbolize that you can make more money than your standard income. Everybody can sell something. Something you’ve been wanting to get rid of, or something you keep insisting you’ll use, but you know you really won’t.

This tip applies to everyone. Set your item to sell for the minimum amount with no reserve. Set the length of the sale at 5 days so you can get quick feedback. And pick something that will sell for a decent amount — say, $10. No, nobody wants your grandma’s old sweater.

Remember, the point of this is not to make money. It’s to psychologically commit yourself to saving money. It doesn’t matter if you make $10 or $300, but I want you to sell something at least $10. Then do it a few more times this month.



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