Traveling Internationally? Order a Cash Passport through Travelex!

Citizens National Bank partners with Travelex, one of the leading providers of international currency products, to offer foreign currency exchange and, previously, foreign travelers checks. Travelex has recently updated their system to now make available chip and PIN Cash Passports. This prepaid MasterCardĀ® is specifically designed for international travel.

As the United States credit card industry continues to use the magnetic stripe technology, international travelers report acceptance issues abroad using their current credit and debit cards. The chip and PIN technology allows for wider acceptance abroad. Further, your personal information is not on the Cash Passport, reducing the risk of identity theft from theft or loss of the card.

Currencies currently available for the Cash Passport include British Pounds and Euros. The Cash Passport is low cost, providing free card loads, point of sale transactions, additional cards, balance inquiries and in store cash outs. Also, Travelex does not charge for ATM withdrawals, although some ATM operators may charge a withdrawal fee.

If your card is lost or stolen, a dedicated Cash Passport team is available to help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If needed, they will cancel the card, arrange for a replacement card and even provide emergency cash up to the available balance. If you need to order foreign currency or international prepaid cards, our customer service representatives at any of our offices will be happy to help you. Currency or Cash Passports may be charged to a credit card or debited from your CNB account with your checkcard and will be delivered to your home. Currency orders must be a minimum of $250.

To order online visit our website at This page also includes a link to view the current foreign currency exchange rates.


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