There’s an easier way to pay – Try CNB Personal Payments!

Have you ever split the cost of a meal and needed to pay your friend back? Or does your child that’s in college suddenly need some cash and waits until the last minute to let you know?

You could mail them a check and wait for the check to arrive and then for them to deposit it. Or, for only 5 cents more than the cost of a stamp with CNB Personal Payments you can electronically deposit funds to their account safely and quickly, in as little as one business day. All you have to know is their email address or mobile phone number!

To send money, simply:

  • Login to CNB Online Banking.
  • Click the Pay People tab under CNB Bill Payment – Quick Pay.
  • On the dropdown menu, choose “Add someone new” and fill in the required information.
  • Click Send Money.

The recipient will receive a text message or email notifying him of the money available to retrieve. If his bank has ZashPay, he may retrieve it directly through online banking. If not, he can retrieve it by going to

To learn more about this service, view the demo at


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