How Do I Set Up an Automatic Transfer in Online Banking?

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For an easy way to save, you can set up an automatic transfer from your checking account to your savings account within Online Banking. Once set up, the amount you designate will automatically transfer on the date you specify each week, month, etc… You can set it up to only do it for a few weeks or for a long period of time and the transfer may be deleted at any time if you wish to change something.

How to Set it Up:

  1. Log into Online Banking.
  2. Under Account List, choose the account you would like to transfer from.
  3. Click Transfers and New Scheduled Transfer.
  4. Select which account you would like to Transfer To, the Frequency, the Day, the Amount, the Date you want it to begin and how many transfers you would like to have and Submit.

If you want to discontinue the transfer at any time, simply click the Delete button in the Transfers list. For questions regarding this and other options for managing your money within Online Banking, contact our Customer Care Center by Live Chat or phone during business hours or submit a Contact Us form.

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Apps to Help You Achieve Your Savings Goals

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Jean Chatzky, Today show financial editor, highlights some apps you can use to help you achieve your savings goals.

SavedPlus: An automatic savings app. You determine what percentage of each transaction you would like to save and the app adds it up and automatically transfers that amount weekly to your savings account.

Raise: A gift card app. You can buy or sell gift cards, putting the gift card in your virtual wallet for instant savings. It is a great place to get rid of gift cards that you do not think you will use as well.

Level Money: A budget tracking app. You input your spendable money and it tracks what you spend daily, monthly and annually.

BillGuard: A credit card app. It tracks your expenses and alerts you to potentially fraudulent transactions which you can either approve or dispute directly within the app.

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Citizens National Bank Celebrating Community Banking Month & 95 Years of Service

April recognized as Community Banking Month by the Independent Community Bankers of Americago anywhere checking

In celebration of our anniversary and in honor of Community Banking Month, every Citizens National Bank office will be serving cake to its customers on Friday, April 24 during normal business hours.

April is Community Banking Month and Citizens National Bank would like to celebrate by focusing on its 95 years of serving local communities. The bank opened its first location in Bluffton, OH in 1920. Since then we’ve grown to 8 locations, serving more than 10 counties in Ohio. The bank’s original cashier and president, Elmer Romey, is the grandfather of current President/CEO Mike Romey. The legacy of hard work, community involvement and local lending has continued to allow CNB to flourish. “When my grandfather and the local businessmen of Bluffton started this bank in 1920, their goal was to provide a trustworthy financial institution that our customers would feel confident in placing their money in and borrowing from. I truly believe we’ve fulfilled that mission and I look forward to seeing us continue to grow and provide that for the next generation,” comments Romey.

ICBA commends community banks for their continued support and advocacy of consumers and Main Street America. Across the nation, community banks operate 52,000 locations, employ 700,000 Americans and hold $3.6 trillion in assets, $2.9 trillion in deposits and $2.4 trillion in loans to consumers, small businesses and the agricultural community. ICBA Chairman Jack Hartings, comments “Community banks are relationship lenders that flourish when their customers and communities do the same. Taking care of customers and looking out for the best interest of local communities is the community banking business model. ICBA Community Banking Month gives us an opportunity to celebrate the unique and critical role they play in our local hometowns.”

Throughout the month of April, CNB customers who come into the branch will have the opportunity to register to win one of 7 gift baskets including local items from each of our branch communities. The drawing will be held on Friday, April 24 during the cake celebrations. Be sure to also check out the bank’s Facebook page for postings throughout the month highlighting the history of the bank.

Simple Saving Tools and a 52 Week Savings Challenge

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Ask your neighbor how much he is saving and most likely his response will be “Not enough”. While most of us agree saving a percentage of our money is a good idea, for many it seems impractical as bills seem to pile up, loans are due and retirement seems very far away. As you begin a savings plan, the key is not to set lofty goals that overwhelm you, but to regularly set aside small amounts that add up over time. The emphasis is on “regularly”. There are several easy steps you can take to make this happen so it is automatic and you do not have to think about it.

  1. Split your direct deposit. When you get paid, have a portion of your paycheck go directly into a savings account.
  2. Set up an automatic transfer into a savings account. If direct deposit is not an option, you can easily set up an automatic transfer on a regular basis from your checking to your savings account within online banking. Check out the How To in this newsletter.
  3. Pocket your fuel savings. With gas prices lower, calculate what you used to spend on gasoline compared to what you are paying now and put that money into savings. That extra $15 per fill up can add up quickly.
  4. Delink your savings account from your ATM card. This eliminates the temptation to withdraw money from your savings for small purchases.
  5. Up your 401K contribution by 1%. You will quickly forget the extra amount taken from your pay, but the increase will add up for your future.
  6. Take the 52 week savings challenge. Start with just $1 in week one. By increasing the amount saved by just $1 per week, in 52 weeks you will have accumulated almost $1400! Learn more.

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Recipe – Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Bars

chocolate chipsThe best of all worlds – cheesecake filling on a cookie dough crust.

3 tubes of chocolate chip cookie dough
3 eggs
16 ounces cream cheese, softened
2 teaspoons vanilla
1½ cups sugar

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Press one tube of cookie dough into the bottom of a greased 9×13 pan. Mix cream cheese, eggs,
sugar and vanilla. Pour cream cheese mixture over cookie dough in pan. Slice remaining cookie dough tube into thin slices and place on top of mixture. Bake for 1 hour at 350 degrees.

Recipe was submitted by Marilyn W. from our “Cooking It Up withCNB” recipe contest.

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Findlay Rated #1 Micropolitan Community in the Nation!

Findlay-Hancock County has been ranked the top micropolitan community in the U.S. for new and expanding facilities for 2014 by Site Selection magazine. All 576 micropolitan areas across the nation were ranked, each with a population of 10,000 – 50,000 people. As a state, Ohio performed well, claiming 4 of the top 6 micro areas and 20 of the top 100. Findlay earned the top spot with its 20 corporate facility investment deals, landing more than $250 million in facility investment deals from large and small employers alike. Findlay was rated #2 in 2013 and #3 in 2012.

Here are some examples of investments made last year in Findlay.

  • McLane Co. announced a $119 million new automated grocery distribution center
  • Marathon Petroleum Corp. announced a $22 million Logistics expansion (will be > $80 million when completed)
  • Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. announced a $12.75 million Global Technical Center (will be > $40 million)
  • Rowmark LLC completed an $11 million expansion

With all these deals, it’s clear that Findlay’s companies are expanding. In fact, Findlay saw an increase of 1,000 employees in the past year, dropping unemployment to 3.3%. Locals are likely to agree with Duane E. Jebbett, president of Rowmark LLC who says, “Findlay-Hancock County is a great place to live and work. We have many progressive business big and small. We are growth-oriented, progressive, and a positive community. The Midwest culture is highly ethical and hard-working, and community is important to us.” To support his claims, Findlay was voted the best place for young people to grow up… for 3 years in a row.

Findlay is also improving its infrastructure, building new roads, new railways, and completely rebuilding 4 intersections, all of which make Findlay even more attractive to companies. Director of Findlay-Hancock County Economic Development Anthony Iriti was cited as saying, “We place a lot of emphasis on retention and expansion of our existing industry base. That has always been our number one priority. By knowing our local base and knowing what programs are available from the state, we can help our local companies expand. Our second priority is the attraction of new business.” Iriti adds, “Winning the Top Micropolitan award epitomizes what we have known all along. We have a world-class community with world-class employers. This legitimizes what we have been saying.”

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During the War of 1812, Colonel James Findlay built a road and a stockade to transport and shelter troops in the Great Black Swamp region. This stockade was named Fort Findlay in his honor, and after the war, the community of Findlay was born.

Citizens National Bank is proud to be a part of this community… serving Findlay for over 10 years!

We’ve Upgraded Your Mobile Banking Experience!

Life is busy. That’s why at Citizens National Bank, we are all about finding ways you can spend less time banking and more time living. Our latest mobile banking update makes it easier for you to search for our app and gives you an updated design and a more streamlined signup process. And the best part? You can more conveniently and securely manage your money anytime from anywhere! As part of the upgrade, the app will now be titled “Citizens National Bank of Bluffton Mobile App” in the App Store and “Citizens National Bank Mobile” in Google Play, and the CNB logo will appear next to the app name; to easily find the app, search for “cnbohio” in the App Store or in Google Play.

First time users: Just download the app onto your device, enter your Online Banking login information, and start mobile banking!

Existing users: Next time you log into TouchBanking, you will receive a notice that your app needs updated. This update will allow you access to our new custom app, CNB Mobile, identifiable by our logo as the icon. While there will be a new look to the app, the functionality will remain the same as TouchBanking.

Updating your App:

  1. Click Update Now and you will be redirected to the CNB Mobile App.
  2. Install the App.
  3. When you launch the App, you will need to enter your user code. This is your Online Banking Access ID.
  4. Answer your security question.
  5. Enter your Online Banking password and begin mobile banking!

Once you download the new CNB Mobile app, you will need to delete the TouchBanking app from your phone. The next time you access the CNB Mobile app, you will only need to enter your password. Please feel free to contact your local customer service representative with any questions or concerns you may have.

App Features:

  • View your account balances and transaction history
  • Transfer money between CNB accounts
  • Pay bills and credit cards; Popmoney
  • Deposit checks directly from your phone with Mobile Deposit
  • Find ATMs and branch locations

If you don’t have a smartphone but still want to check your banking information from your phone, you can take advantage of CNB’s text-based mobile banking. Once enrolled, simply text codes, such as BAL for balances, to the number given at enrollment and a message is sent back to your phone with the current balance in the account you indicated. You can also opt to be notified when specified changes occur to your account through CNB Messenger text alerts. Available codes include: “BAL” = balance, “HIST” = transaction history, “ATM + street or zip” = nearest ATM location, “BRANCH + street or zip” = nearest branch location.


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